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Inner Transformation Membership 

Designed to transform you from the inside out using energy healing, meditation and practical spirituality from a direct disciple of MCKS.

Transformation Sundays - 8:30am Mountain Time

75 min Live Spiritual Lecture, Powerful Meditation and Deep, Transformative Healing

Transformation Thursday Q & A’s - 6pm Mountain Time

Bring your toughest meditation, healing and spiritual questions for a unique experience where you can accelerate your understanding and deepen your experiences with the help of others. 

Monthly Private Audio Recordings - 2nd Wed of every month

One of a Kind, Inspired Recordings using creative visualization for healing the body, healing relationships, improving finances and/or deepening meditation experiences. 

Birthday Blessing & Healing - schedule a couple days before bday

For active members, you receive a live, 30 min birthday and healing to speed up the rate at which your birthday wish materializes. Book at (First 100 Members Only, $275 value)

Private FB Group: 

Transform your life with other like minded Souls who are looking to become better people and better Souls. Log in details sent after sign up. 

Appreciation Day - June 5th

Once a year we do something unique and special to say thanks to all our online and offline members, clients and volunteers. Stay Tuned.

Four Programs to Jumpstart Your Transformation: 

As an added bonus to all new Inner Transformation Members, we've included 4 programs from 2016 that will transform your health, wealth, relationships and spirituality using ancient and modern day mystery school technologies. 

Important Notes:

** Active members have access to all past videos, audio files and pdfs. 

** All meditations and Q&A’s are recorded, archived and made available. 

** Results-based Spirituality 

** Monthly memberships are not prorated

** Cancel membership at any time. 


Pranic Healing is meant to complement traditional medicine and professional therapies, not replace them. Our goal is to accelerate the healing rate. Pranic Healers are not authorized to prescribe or treat ailments unless the Pranic Healer is also an MD or licensed health care provider. Please consult your general practitioner or mental healthcare before beginning this or any practices. 

Inner Transformation Membership includes these courses

Transformation Sunday - Lecture/Meditation/Healing
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Transformation Q&A Thursday
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10x Your Energy in the Major Areas of Life
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Total Health Through Energy Healing
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How to Understand Men as a Spiritual Woman
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How to Understand Women as a Spiritual Man
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