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Christian Long

How to Understand Men as a Spiritual Woman

In this 2+ hour recorded discussion, you will have clarity on soulmates, cheating, breakups, commitment and so much more from the perspectives of psychology, biology, and current trends and spirituality. Getting the real answers from a spiritual man

Christian Long

How to Understand Women as a Spiritual Man

In this 2+ hour discussion, you will get the inside scoop from a man who has been there and done that in sex, dating, long term relationships and marriage. This talk is guaranteed to save the spiritual man thousands of dollars and years of suffering

Christian Long

10x Your Energy in the Major Areas of Life

10x Your Energy in the 4 Major Areas of Your Life In this 4+ Hours of pure content, you will 10x Your Energy in Health, Wealth, Relationships and Spiritual Growth using proven yet little known energy healing principles and practices.

Christian Long

Total Health Through Energy Healing

Through this video series you will learn practical and immediate teachings, tools and technologies to improve your life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually using energy healing now! Using the ancient & modern, the known & not-so known.

Christian Long

Transformation Q&A Thursday

A series of videos attempting to answer your hardest and deepest questions around meditation, energy healing and practical spirituality.